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“Into the Unknown”

18in x 24in

Acrylic with texture on canvas

As little girls, we can’t wait to plan our wedding. We fantasize about what we will where, what colors the bridesmaids will wear. We have this whole picture in our head of how magical it will be. As we get older the idea of a wedding just seems like a fairytale. We love the idea of finding love or love finding us. The thing is, when we were little girls, we put in so much thought about what our wedding day would be like, that we never stopped to think about what kind of marriage we wanted. Some of us spend decades trying to get to the alter like it is a finish line in some grand race when in reality it is only a checkpoint in a marathon. I remember my wedding day, being so scared. Not because I didn’t love the person who I was going to marry but there was so many things I didn’t know about being married. We never talked about it! Walking down the aisle was intense for me as I was shaking like a leaf feeling the pressure of everyone looking at me. I was already late ( how cliche right?). The whole day was a blur honestly because of my nerves but next thing I knew, we were married. They didn’t tell me that there will be times where you go to bed upset. They didn’t tell me how you have to learn each other and embrace the person for who they are. They didn’t tell me that over time we evolve into different people. They didn’t tell me that the other person will never know what they want to eat. Like come on! How can you not know what you want to eat everyday? I didn’t know when you are married all eyes are on you like people are waiting for you to do something. That “For better or worse” really does come into play. I also didn’t know that I could love someone so much that it hurt. I never knew I could be so safe with someone enough to be vulnerable with them. How you can love even their imperfections. The thing about marriage is, it’s like exploring a new land, it comes with it’s harsh terrain but it comes with so much beauty as well. I’m just happy to have someone to hold my hand in the unknown.

Into The Unknown

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