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30in x 40in

Textured acrylic on canvas

When ever I am in my home studio I can always feel the presence of someone watching me. It’s like this extra sense that I have when ever my three year old is near. Since he was a baby, he has always been close to me watching all the hard work go into painting. As he has gotten older, he would sneak into my studio and add his own little personal touches to my paintings when I wasn’t there. As frustrating as it could be, I admired his love of art. By the time he was two, I bought him his own set of art supplies to use when I was in the studio. Now that he is three he wants to paint with me. So I let him. This painting was made by me and my three year old. I told him since he helped me I wohis portion of the profit so he can continue to do art.

My Apprentice

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