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18x 18

Acrylic on Canvas


When making this piece I felt a little lost. I have so much passion for art but sometimes I wonder if my art matters. When I was painting this, I felt really challenged and conflicted. Is my art this rose? Will it's beauty whither away like this rose over time? Sometimes I doubt myself alot but then I hear God tell me to keep going. Keep pushing and stay rooted. When finishing this painting I reminded myself of why I make art. Not because of the painting itself but the stories behind each painting. I make paintings to showcase its beauty but there is always an underlining story for each one to help free someone else from their own thoughts. I believe I have been looking at this all wrong. Roses only really die when they are cut, but if they stay rooted to it's bush they last alot longer. I strongly believe that as long as God is with me, my art and stories will live long and impact many lives through my own vulnerabilty and transparacy.

*This piece is on display at Wellspring Manor & Spa, Upper Marlboro, MD. Message us if interested in purchasing.

Red Rose

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