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Original Artwork

Acrylic on canvas



Can’t say that I haven’t felt like this...Silenced.  Not because there are no words to be said, but because no one hears you. We scream but it falls on deaf ears so after a while we stop talking. Even though we stop talking with our mouths, our mind starts to make up for it and try and convince us that we are worthless. Because we can no longer speak, we start to do things we would never do like go to substances or the knife, anything for us to feel something, hoping someone will help us. In reality we compromise who we are just to make it go away. We become a small child in our mind, out of control of our own thoughts. Inside, we scream and all that comes out is a single tear. Our mind gets switched to auto pilot around people and we say things like, “I’m fine”  or “I’m ok” with a fake smile because who is going to listen right? Underneath it all, we are ready for the missery to end. This painting is a reminder to us that we do not have to be silenced, we have a voice and there are people who will listen. Keep speaking! Keep fighting, your words do matter!!


Limited Edition print available. Message for details


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