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I found myself in this position alot in the last few years. Many don’t know that my husband and I almost went through a divorce twice leading into me feeling worthless. On top of facing the loss of many people I loved at the same time, the only person I could turn to was God. When I couldn’t stand all I could do was kneel and cry out to God to save my marriage, and help me forgive. Even having to still be a full time wife and mother became harder and harder to keep it together. When I wanted to give up all I could hear God say was “trust me.” When every bone in my body wanted to run, God said, “trust me and wait!” When my business wasn’t doing well, He said, “Trust me!” Many times when I didn’t feel like being a wife to my husband God said, “You aren’t done yet! Trust me!” They never tell you that trusting God is hard and it comes with alot of waiting mostly in frustration. Today I give thanks for the grace over my life and the restoration he has given me and my family! I say all of this not to air out my business but to encourage someome that is currently in a storm. The best place to be is on your knees asking for guidance and wait on the Lord because He will renew your strength! This painting will probably be one of my favorites paintings I make because it reminds me not only of my vulnerability but reminds me that no matter what I can trust God.


• Acid-free, PH-neutral, poly-cotton base
• 20.5 mil (0.5 mm) thick poly-cotton blend canvas
• Canvas fabric weight: 13.9 oz/yd2(470 g/m²)
• Fade-resistant
• Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
• Matte finish coating
• 1.5″ (3.81 cm) deep
• Mounting brackets included
• Blank product in the EU sourced from Latvia
• Blank product in the US sourced from the US

Canvas Print -They that wait (on the Lord)

PriceFrom $225.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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