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30in x 40in

This piece is apart of the collection “Finding Extraordinary in the Ordinary,” This piece is about not knowing what is inside until it is cracked open. We have chickens on our property and every year we incubate some eggs so they can turn into chicks. The thing is, as they are incubating it always seems that it takes forever for a chicken to develop and there really is no way of speeding up the process. As you keep checking daily there is a sudden sadness because you are unsure the success rate of hatching eggs, you start to lose hope. It isn’t until you see your first crack in the shell where hope starts to rise again. Inside a little chick is fighting its way out. You don’t feel the magnitude of gratitude until you see an empty shell because that means that chick survived and got out. If we can manage to hold onto the little things that give us hope it makes this life so much more meaningful.

Cracked II

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