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24x 36

Acrylic with texture


When I was younger I used to collect flowers from the fields at my school. I would hide it in my back pack only to find out later they were crushed. I would do this every day looking for a different result because I wanted to show my mom at home. It wasn't until my teacher explained to the class about how plants grow and how they need water and sunlight. When I was painting this I started to have those flashbacks of how something so beautiful can get crushed so easily if not handled with care. I began to reflect on myelf and realized I also need to be handled with care. Plants are strong when thriving in the right environment. Some turn into trees in which provide oxygen, lumber, paper and so much more for us. At the same time, plants can also wither away when not in the right environment. Why would our lives be any different? We need certain things in our lives to thrive so we can provide more for others.


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