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24in x 30in each painting

Acrylic on canvas

These pieces are apart of the "Furaha"collection which means, joy. It is about celebrating who we are and where we come from. Not going to lie, I hesitated adding these pieces to my site, in fear that I wouldn’t get the feedback I was looking for. I realized this week as I had a chance to talk to people about art is, that people want to know about the process too. People care about your story. They care about how long it takes. I was just explaining to someone that as an artist we are so vulnerable when we paint and display in the public. True artistry is showing how you are really feeling through art. Being vulnerable is hard to do on a public scale because you never know how the viewer will receive it. You see, art isn’t just a way of making income, art for me is me dealing with my real life situations and expressing where I am at. It is where God and I can talk about my sadness and frustrations as well as my faith and joy. This piece came from a hole in my history of not knowing where my family is truly from. Even though I don’t know, I can still be proud to have roots but I know my ancestors were resilient and strong. I imagine them celebrating with lots of drums and dancing. These paintings, took me about 15-20 hours to complete each.

This is a two painting set.

Furaha Set

Excluding Sales Tax
  • These are 18in x 24in giclee hand signed canvas prints. You have the option to choose unstretch and stretched. Unstretched means it will not be stretched onto stretcher bars. This option is a great option to save a little money on the art. It will be sold and shipped rolled. You can then take it to your local framer shop or Michael's to get it stretched. Stretched canvas print means it will be already stretched and ready to hang on your wall. 

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