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30in x 40in 

Acrylic on Canvas


The other day I got super frustrated and bothered so I decided to force myself to paint instead to calm myself down. My whole life has been a struggle of getting looked over so when someone tries to discredit me or make me feel small I’m super triggered and irritated. While I was painting this piece,  God reminded me that He already said I was enough. Where man looks at the outward, He looks on the inward (1 sam 16:7). It’s not wrong to want validation, it becomes wrong from where you are trying to get it from. Why do we seek for validation from everyone but the one who formed us? It only sets us up for disappointments. When I’m struggling with my emotions I consult with the one who made me because God is the only one who knows what I need. Validation from others does not set your value. 



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