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24in x 24in

You ever been kissed by the sun? I don't mean burned but a delicate kiss. That kind of kiss that touches you gently that warms you from the inside. See often times we are too busy to realize our first love. What do you mean first love? Think about it, how often did you go outside as a kid, spend hours playing with your friends? You used to get excited when the sun would appear. You would bask in it’s warm embrace. Why did we stop? When did we start treating the sun like our old toys? We go on our day like it doesn't matter any more. We go on with our lives forgetting about our friend that carried us through our childhood. When did we grow up? Why do we only feel that we can spend time in the sun on our vacations a few times a year? Can we go back to just spending time in the sun with gratitude and joy? I feel once we do, our lives will have a little more warmth in it. And the sun can give us that soft, warm, gentle kiss saying, "I missed you!"

Kissed By The Sun

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