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“The Young Maiden” 

16”x 20”

Acrylic and Hand threaded


All she had was a needle, thread, and a couple pieces of scraps to make her dress. Today was the day she was supposed to be reunited with her lover who was at war. They had exchanged letters for over a year in eagerness to hold each other in their arms. They would often talk about the future giving great details of how many children they would have. She insisted on being a business woman but also stay home with the children. He would laugh at her letters and tell all his friends about her. Their house was going to sit on a hill in the country side, looking over the cattle that he would tend to. After the long wait, Today,  they were finally going to be together. But Today has come and gone and all that is left is a letter of condolences. All their hopes and dreams were at the bottom of the sea with her lover. She still wakes up early each morning, puts on her dress, and waits by the door in hopes that it is all a dream.

The Young Maiden- Original Art

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