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Acrylic and Texture Paint

24 x 30

The strength of a woman is not measured by how much she can physically lift but how much she deals with emotionally. As a woman I often feel hidden behind the layers of roles that I have taken on. From the time we are born we are groomed to take care of others. Grandma bought our first baby doll and we immediately started carrying it around with us everywhere. As we get older we are taught to take care of a household, learning to cook and properly clean and delegate adding another layer of fabric to our journey to becoming a woman. Through out our life more layers added, we take on a new job that asks alot of us, then we come home to the responsibilities of family life. We listen to our friends problems adding yet another layer because we feel we have to fix the situation. Society has added another layer to us, telling us what to do with our bodies and telling us we aren’t beautiful enough. Eventually we have added so many layers to our journey we start slowing down. The weight (physically and mentally) starts catching up, only making it harder to want to continue. We get suffocated by the roles of always having to perform because we are afraid of being called weak. How many layers can we carry before we break down? Truth be told, I am not sure. It’s not like we can just drop all of our responsibilities and run. Perhaps we were never meant to carry it all in the first place. Maybe it takes asking for help from time to time allowing us to take breaks. No one said we couldn’t take breaks. The thing about layers, we only need them when it is cold. When we are moving so much trying to keep up with everyone else we are only going to make ourselves overwhelmed. Moving forward, we do not have to do everything on our own and we sure as heck don’t have to complete everything in one day. Let this painting serve as your reminder to take off some of the layers.


You See Me

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